How To Eliminate Pet Odors From Your Home QUICKLY

When someone new comes over the last thing you want them to notice is pet odors lingering in your home. So how can you quickly eliminate pet odors?

Hours Spent Cleaning

According to a study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Trane Heating and Air Conditioning, the average pet owner spends over 800 HOURS a year cleaning up after their pets! ( Thats a lot of time spent cleaning. What if we could cut that amount of time by 1/4 and save you over 200 hours a year where you could be spending that time doing things you ENJOY vs cleaning up after your furry friends?

Eliminating Vs Disguising

We’ve all been there, Aunt Sue just called and will be over unexpectedly in 15 minutes. Our house is a mess and the litter box hasn’t been emptied in a few days. The couch has hair and dirt all over and Fido just had an accident in the corner. To many things to pick up and clean up at once. The first thing we reach for is that bottle of Febreeze! We think if we can just mask the odors a bit we can avoid Aunt Sue’s comments of “smells like dog in here”. The problem with fragrance sprays is we aren’t actually eliminating the odors and so after 40 minutes the odors come lingering back. Thankfully, I’ve got some tips and tricks on how to eliminate that odor vs just masking it.

Time Mangament

Our lives are busy. Our furry friends can’t help clean up their own messes so it’s in our best interest to mange what little time we do have. The first thing we can save ourselves from doing is cleaning that nasty litter box daily. With WHDPETS Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box you can breathe easy as this bad boy does it all! With it’s extra large box it’s perfect for multiple kitties. My absolute favorite thing about this litter box is when Aunt Sue knocks, you can use the app and with a push of a button your litter box is cleaning ITSELF! That’s one less task you need to worry about.

Automatic Cat Litter Box
Pet Odors

The Shedding

Hair is EVERYWHERE! With 3 dogs and a monkey in my house I feel like I am constantly sweeping the floors. This is a never ending battle in my house. A few years ago, my partner Luke got me one of those robot vacuums that sweep the floor automatically. It was amazing and I had it running NON-STOP for almost 2 years. Sadly, my sweet robot has decided it’s had enough hair for it’s lifetime. I’ve already been hinting at needing a new one to replace it. Robot vacuum’s have not only become more popular, but the price of them has gone down drastically and are much more affordable. They also now mop! Which I’m sure they did 2 years ago but that type of fancy was just out of our budget. If you just need one that’s good for pet hair and only vacccms the iRobot Roomba is perfect!

If you are searching for one that vaccums and mops, RUN RUN RUN! MAMNV Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo is currently is 65% OFF AND has a $70 Off Coupon!

Accidents Happen

When Fido or Fluffy has an accident it’s extremely important to eliminate the urine and feces order or your four legged friends will keep having accidents in those same spots. Using a really good enzyme cleaner is a must. Stuart Pet Supply Co. Professional Strength Pet Odor Eliminator is top notch and sure to eliminate those nasty odors and stains. The best part is, the bottle last for a long time because it is professional grade.

Pet Odors Eliminator

Dust & Dander In The Air!

Let’s face it. Now matter how much we sweep, vaccum, and dust there always seems to be more dander and dust lingering behind. That’s becasuse, as soon as you stir it up some escapes into the air. For our household we use 3 of these amazing and cheap air purifiers that such up all the dust you just stirred up! This Air Purifier is so good it get 99% of that pet dander.


Most odors cling to fabrics with their dear life! Clothes, pillows, and bedding start to stink very quickly. One of the problems I’ve had with regular laundry detergent is it’s not pet safe. I certainly don’t want to do more harm than good when choosing cleaning and laundry products. I recently discovered Earth Breeze and will hands down never ever go back to regular liquid laundry detergent. Not only is Earth Breeze a liquid less detergent sheet but it also saves SO much space by not being in a large plastic jug. Think, fabric sheet size. The best part is it works in all washer types even HE, and will dissolve in hot or cold water. And the bonus for me, if the power ever goes out, these sheets are even able to be used for hand washing laundry and fabrics. Now that’s a win. Right now you can get 30 sheets for only $12.

In closing, now when Aunt Sue comes over unannounced, the litter box is clean, your floors are being swept and mopped, your laundry smells divine and is non toxic, and you and Aunt Sue can breathe easy. Be sure to check out The Best Kitten Supplies For 2023 or 5 Best Dog Food Brands For 2023.

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