Best Cat And Kitten Supplies For 2023

New Pet

Getting a new pet is ALWAYS fun! I genuinely enjoy rescuing and fostering animals. Currently, we have 1 hamster, 1 rabbit, 9 chickens, 3 dogs, and of course 1 monkey! The one animal we do not have now is a cat or kitten. HOWEVER, we work with a local non-profit organization to foster kittens and neo natal kittens.


I absolutely love being able to provide a safe home for a kitten to thrive in while the organization finds them a forever home. We work with the kitten until they are old enough to be fully vetted, and spayed or neutered. We get to expose the kitten to all sorts of craziness to prepare them for their forever home. Here, they are exposed to children, dogs, and of course Ollie The Monkey. Even though the organization we work with provides the food, litter, and cover the vet bills, we still like to get toys and blankets for each kitten. I have compiled a list of the BEST cat/kitten supplies for 2023!  

Top 5

  1. Lets face it, cats scratch EVERYTHING! Even that brand new sofa you just purchased. Number 1 on the list will not only protect your beloved sofa but also save you from having to buy a new one.

2. Now that your beloved sofa is safe, lets look at one of the other downsides of being a cat owner. The poop……now no one enjoys this part but it is all part of being a pet owner. Number 2 on the list will make your life SO much easier and guess what you wont ever have to scoop the poop again! YAY You can now clean the litter box with a click of a button all from your smartphone!

This bad boy does it all! The best part is it’s compatible with multiple types of liter.

3. Lets get into some of the funnier items. Next up is the anxiety reducing pet bed. Doesn’t this just look so comfy? To bad I don’t think your little kitty will want to share.

This cute bed not only helps your kitties anxiety but it’s machine washable too!

4. This one is top notch especially if you have multiple kitties! I’ve watched my foster kittens play with this for HOURS. This cat toy is a 3-1 so don’t get it confused with other models. It uses batteries or can be charged via usb for all day play! Once your kitties are done with this toy they’ll be begging to crawl into your lap to nap and snuggle.

Go check it out if you have a cat or kitten laying in your lap as you read this.

5. Lastly, so you can keep your kitty close and take him/her along with you

To the vet, beach, vacation, or grandmothers house, your kitty will be comfy in this carrier and will be ready to go where ever the adventure leads.

Be sure to check out the FULL list of the TOP cat/kitten supplies for 2023

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