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Can Monkeys Get Monkeypox? Mpox Disease In A Monkey

What is Monkeypox? (Mpox)

Can a monkey get monkeypox? First one would need to know what is monkeypox, (mpox) and how the disease was discovered in animals. Monkeypox, which is being changed to the term Mpox according to the CDC’s website and will be referred to as such throughout this article, is a rare disease that was was discovered in 1958 when two outbreaks of the disease occurred in monkeys kept for research. The disease is a pox-like outbreak. This is how “monkeypox” got it’s name. According to the CDC, the source of the disease still remains unknown. The first human case wasn’t reported until 1970. Mpox can spread from animal-to-animal and from animal-to-human.

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What Animals Can Get Mpox?

There is a tie to mpox and actual monkeys, but mpox doesn’t just affect monkeys and can infect a wide range of mammal species. Some of which include anteaters, hedgehogs, squirrels, shrews, prairie dogs, and of course monkeys. As a monkey owner, when the recent mpox outbreak occurred many flooded our YouTube channel with their concern. Many thought because we had a monkey we would all get mpox. Luke and I knew that wasn’t possible since Ollie has not been around any other monkeys or mammals with mpox or any form of orthopoxviruses.

How Does Mpox Spread?

Mpox can spread to anyone through close, personal, often skin-to-skin cont

Owning A Pet Monkey

This leads us back to owning a monkey, Ollie. Ollie is a 4 year old rescued squirrel monkey and has no contact with wild monkeys. Therefore, I am not at all concerned about contracting mpox from my monkey. Monkeys can get mpox! Anyone looking to purchase a monkey at this time should be VERY careful as mpox is tied to the exotic pet trade and transportation of wildlife. You can also read Monkey For Sale: Buying A Pet Monkey, for more on purchasing a monkey.


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