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Best Pet Monkey Snacks For A Happy Primate Companion

Yay welcome to Monkey Adventures 3! Be sure to read all the way through because, below is the link for the exclusive video. I am having so much fun writing these blog post for you all! If you are enjoying them be sure to let me know with a comment below 🐒. Today lets talk about some healthy snack options for our pet monkey companions.

Ollie The Monkey

Keep It Simple

Many times when people get an exotic pet they go a bit overboard with the exotic part. New owners may think EVERYTHING about that animal has got to be extreme. Although their are specifically formulated foods for primates, like this one, if you actually look on the ingredient list they aren’t the best for your new friend. I’m certainly not saying every now and then a monkey biscuit is going to do detrimental harm but eating these exclusively most certainly will. When we first got Ollie as a premature infant he solely ate baby formula. We started introducing in “snack” items very slowly. Items we added were, baby purees, yogurt drops, and small pieces of fruit.

How Should I Give Treats?

I believe there are differences in snacks vs treats. Snacks, for me, are items that you graze upon throughout the day. When I think of treats I think of items you would not typically eat everyday all the time. Keeping that in mind Ollie gets a treat about 3 times a week. may say Ollie is VERY spoiled in this household, but we do balance everything. Treats consist of something like baby squeeze pouches, watermelon, baby yogurt bites, or freeze dried apples. Snacks for Ollie would be nuts, seeds, cucumbers, squash, eggs, and items that he gets in his food bowl daily. Recently, we started adding in more freeze dried vegetables for Ollie and he is loving the crunch! If you missed my post about my freeze dryer be sure to check it out here> How To Avoid Inflation With Your Groceries.

I also have another resource available for anyone who is interested in a more deeper look into a pet monkey diet. I’ve taken a small portion of my larger creation out and published a mini book of “What A Pet Monkey Eats: Squirrel Monkey Edition” If you subscribe to Kindle Subscription you can read it for FREE for a limited time.

Monkey Adventures Video

As we talk about all the primate snacks did anyone else get hungry? lol I most certainly did, and so did Ollie. This weeks exclusive video is just that! Ollie The Monkey trying to get into his snack bag. This video features one of Ollies favorite treat/snack items which are the baby yogurt bites. He loves trying to figure out how to get into the bag and get his monkey hands in. Ollie would love to know in the comments below what YOUR favorite snacks are!

Here’s Ollies Cute Snack Time For This Week

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In Conclusion, thank you friends for being here and reading/watching Ollie’s adventures.

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