Where’s All The Eggs? Secrets On How You Can Happily Avoid Price Increases

Holy Moly! Where’s All The Eggs?

Ingles Grocery Store, NC January 2023 Photographed By: Holly Jarrett

This week my friend Holly sent me this picture with the caption, where’s the eggs? Many of you have also been seeing the price of eggs not only skyrocket, but transition into becoming almost impossible to find. I have a few layers of my own but we are in the dead of winter so I’m only getting one or two eggs a day. This certainly is not enough when it comes to Ollie the monkeys egg addition. lol

Ollie eats 3 eggs a day, so we certainly can’t keep up with that. There are ways however that I’ve learned to not only help ease the price gouging but to be more resourceful and use less eggs.


Lets first talk about how you can save money on eggs in general. The first and easiest way to save money on eggs is through Ibotta. If you’ve never used Ibotta before it’s an extremely easy way to save not only of eggs but on your other grocery items as well. They often have a few different brands they are promoting for savings just for eggs.

The second easiest way is through Fetch! I absolutely love Fetch and use it DAILY! With this app you can scan EVERY receipt and earn cash back. They also do brand promotions for additional cash back.

Thirdly, reach out to your local farmers to see what their price is per dozen. It used to be farm fresh eggs were $1-2 more per dozen than store bought, but now I can source farm fresh eggs for $3.50-4 a dozen. This is not only cheaper than the store, more nutritious, but I can also buy in bulk. I typically get 5-8 dozen at a time and we are able to go through that amount twice a month. Yes, I know, that’s a LOT of eggs!


Some of you probably have no idea that I used to eat solely plant based. Actually for many years. Right now I eat 90% plant based, and in doing so I’ve learned a lot about the art of substitutions. Just because the recipe you want to try calls for 2 eggs, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to use strictly eggs for the recipe to turn out. Obviously, there’s no substitution for scrambled eggs or hard boiled eggs, but if you are able to substitute for baking that means you can free up extra eggs for scrambled or hard boiled. When baking I typically use applesauce as my replacement, but there are lots of others you can check out here.

Raising Your Own Flock

This may not be an option for everyone and that’s okay. Chickens are one of the easiest animals to raise and maintain from my experience. It certainly doesn’t take much to have some happy healthy layers who provide you with lots of eggs daily. In early 2020, I decided to start my own flock. I was raised on a small farm so I’ve had chickens before, but this was a new adventure since we are in a warmer climate. I’ve learned a lot more in my 3 years of having my own small flock. During the spring months you can easily find baby chicks for sale at your local farm store such as Tractor Supply. If you are looking to start your own flock mid spring or later, you can find local farmers who are willing to hatch a certain amount for you. I had a local farmer hatch me 5 Lavender Orpingtons late spring of 2022, for $5 a chick, and they all should begin laying soon. I will say I absolutely love this breed and will never get anything but Lavender Orpington’s. They are very hardy and can balance the fluctuating temperatures. If you are interested in starting your own flock I’ve put together all the basics here.

Go Big Now, Be Rewarded For Years To Come

If you’ve made it this far yay! Now I share the REAL savings for not only those eggs but for just about ALL food! Near the end of 2022, I made the BEST purchase of the year. It did hurt the pocket book slightly but man is the investment worth it 100 times over. My only regret in buying this, secret item, is I didn’t buy it sooner!! Ready to know what saving machine this is?

My Harvest Right Freeze dryer! I am not only in love with this bad boy but the possibilities are endless. So why make such an investment? Not only can my freeze dryer preserve almost anything, it can preserve it for 25-30 years when properly stored. *MIND BLOWN* It’s super crazy to think my kids could be eating the food I freeze dried today, when they are my age currently. Think about this, you make a spaghetti dinner and realize you made more than your family will eat. With the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer you can throw that left over dinner on a tray and pop it in the freeze dryer. Once it’s properly dried you can store that spaghetti dinner for 20 years, if you choose to wait that long. According to Medical News Today, the average household waste almost 40% of the food they purchased. I was once told, the most expensive food you buy is the one that ended in the trash and was wasted.

With prices of food going up with no end in sight, I am so glad I can not only put money back into my pocket, but also preserve 99% of the nutritional value of the foods I preserve. This is something you just can not achieve with canning and regular dehydrating. Having one of these dryers also allows you to take advantage of bulk sales and deals. Each month I look for one big sale that I can purchase an item in bulk to freeze dry. This month was frozen vegetables which were on sale at Food Lion for under a $1 for a big bag. If you have ANY questions on Freeze Drying I’d be happy to answer, just leave a comment below or you can reach out via email.


In conclusion, I hope you found these tips and tricks helpful. Putting money back into your pocket will help as the price of everything goes up. I am an affiliate for Amazon and Harvest Right, if you make a purchase through any of the links above I may receive a small commission, like pennies, but every penny helps keep this blog and Ollies Social Media ALIVE!

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