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12 Squirrel Monkeys STOLEN From Zoo: The Black Market Secrets

Oh My!

I saw this article and knew I had to write about it!

According to CNN 12 squirrel monkeys were stolen from the Louisiana zoo named, Zoosiana. I’m trying to wrap my head around having 12 Ollie’s all at once.

*sanity gone*

One squirrel monkey is hard enough to care for let alone 12. Also, these monkeys wouldn’t be nearly as tamed as Ollie. The facility was broken into over the weekend. The theft happened shortly before midnight Saturday and authorities are investigating, Zoosiana said on its Facebook page. There is an on going investigation, as there was also the disappearance of 2 emperor tamarin monkeys. These two monkeys have thankfully been found in an abandoned home about 15 miles away.

The Black Market

Most of you already know Luke and I do not condone the exotic pet trade market and the shifty things that happen within it. The black market for monkeys is becoming more and more prominent as more people consider getting primates as pets. Now I am not saying that monkeys aren’t cute and fun at times, but they are also unpredictable, wild, and greedy. Whomever stole these 12 squirrel monkeys had obviously done some research. Getting 12 squirrel monkeys all in one cage or bag or however one would steal a monkey is beyond me.

I also found it interesting that whoever stole these monkeys was doing so in a state where it’s illegal to even own a pet monkey. This means they would have to go another state and sell the monkeys off to be breeders, which I believe is HORRIBLE! So the question remains, how do Zoos and other wildlife rescue centers keep primates and other animals safe from thieving hands? This is a question I do not have an answer too but needs to be highly prioritized. Do you have an idea how this could be achieved? Leave me a comment below because I’d love to hear your ideas.

In Closing

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